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Starters, starter motor repair, starter replacement in Dubai

Starter is the basic device that provides the start of the engine, acting on its crankshaft. The device spins the crankshaft to start the engine.

starter repairing Dubai

The starter consists of many elements: starting relay, pinion etc. Because of rotating parts the starter is subject to wear.

Safe and reliable work of the starter is ensured when you keep the rules of operation and maintenance. The main factor determining the lifespan of the starter, is the intensity of use, which is estimated by the number of switches per 100 kilometers of car running.


Starter repair

Starter repair is the work, done only according to the results of starter’s diagnostic, in replacement of broken parts with an obligatory cleaning of the starter of contamination and subsequent control diagnostics of compliance of all parameters of performance.

The starter under repair is completely disassembled to make detailed troubleshooting. All parts are carefully cleaned. Bearings and seals are replaced by the new ones. Scheduled repair of the starter includes replacement of brushes that allows not to spoil the armature collector at over wear of brushes. Starter repair is a serious measure that requires attention and exactness. Such work must be done by specialists with enough skill. For example, you can apply to our company that is engaged in a certified repair of starters, with a following guarantee to the service.


Timely diagnostics of starter’s faults condition starter, in time routine maintenance and finally repair of the starter will provide quiet operation without different kinds of surprises.

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